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On June 1st 2007, the European REACH regulation came into force with a gradual implementation of the obligations through 2018. REACH stands for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals and implements a complete restructuring of the chemical substances control legislation in Europe. 

According to REACH, manufacturers and importers of chemical substances may be obliged to either (i) register the substances they use or import, and/or (ii) provide information to their customers pertaining to certain substances known as Substances of Very High Concern ("SVHC's").

BB Electronics is manufacture of electronics products. We import articles (electronics components, cables, connectors and printed circuit boards). However, BB Electronics does not sell products with articles containing chemicals that are intended to be released under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. Therefore, BB Electronics does not intend to pre-register or register any substances, since pre-registration or registration is not required under these circumstances. 

BB Electronics has focused on suppliers of printed circuit boards, connectors, cables, mechanics as cabinets.(located inside and outside of the EU) in an effort to obtain the information pertaining to any Articles containing SVHC's. So far none of these suppliers has given us any indication of them being subject to REACH.

BB Electronics A/S does not use chemicals on the banded list in our production processes. If the customer requires a statement from us for compliance of REACH, we can confirm that we do not use substances on the banded list according to REACH. The articles as the PCB and the components need to be investigated separately. We can help the customer asking the supplier for a statement and secure the whole supply chain.

Should any responses from our suppliers indicate any implications with regard to REACH, BB Electronics A/S will pass this information on to you.
BB Electronics A/S is monitoring all new developments and obligations with regard to Annex XIV (the "Candidate list"). Should the Candidate list be subject to any changes that affect our obligations under REACH, BB Electronics A/S will contact you directly.

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