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Corporate Social Responsibility

At BB Electronics, we believe that a sustainable approach to business is essential and, therefore, it forms a core part of the way in which we do business. 

For BB Electronics, sustainability is not just a smart new trend. Since 1992, we have made an effort to reduce our energy consumption and to remove hazardous chemicals. Setting ambitious targets for these areas, we have already proven that you can produce electronic products in an environment that does not harm the external environment. We are doing so in a safe production in which our employees have an atmosphere of freedom to come up with suggestions to change. 

We are setting clear goals for our employees’ welfare as we know it will ultimately be of benefit to our company. We work constantly to have the latest technology so we can offer our customers a production environment to produce their future complexity products. We offer our customers a production environment that can be part of the lifecycles of the product and minimize the effect on the external environment.

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