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Working at BB

It is a prerequisite for the fulfillment of our goals that we have a well-functioning workplace with committed employees who feel responsibility for the tasks they execute. We believe it is important that both responsibilities and powers are present where the task is done, so we can be an active and decisive business for the benefit of our customers and working relationships, both internally and externally. 

We need a flexible workplace, where each person can handle many tasks and can work across processes, departments and establishments. It implies that the development of the individual, groups and BB Electronics A/S as a whole is a common task.

It is important that the individual is satisfied with his/her work and his/her daily life and addressing the tasks that correspond to the qualifications. We emphasize that we have the opportunity to develop professionally and personally through internal training on the job and training in both working as well as in leisure.

Exciting and challenging tasks are part of daily satisfaction at work, but our cooperation and social interaction also greatly affects the feelings of well-being and satisfaction. It is a joint responsibility to ensure that these conditions are optimal.

The basis of our overall personnel policy is that we want to build on the individual's situation and needs through our attitudes and actions. We expect that each takes responsibility for themselves, their attitudes, actions and tasks.